Fyre Fest Promo Island Listed for $11.8M

Properties Central Realty
Properties Central Realty
Published on July 9, 2019
Saddleback Cay Private Island located in Exuma, Bahamas

Do you remember the now infamous Fyre Fest announcement video that was shared by famous models such as Kendall Jenner? Maybe you have seen one of the documentaries on the event that have been released in the last year on Hulu or Netflix. While the festival was too good to be true if you have around $12 million the island they filmed the original promotion video on could be your reality.

Listed with Christine’s International Real Estate the island located in Exuma, Bahamas for an astounding $11.8 million. The private island is about 35 acres and boasts a dock for quick and easy transportation to the island. There are 7 beaches on the property and if transportation by boat isn’t your thing there is also an airstrip.

In the original promo video for Fyre Fest, you get an excellent look at the island that was later deemed not a realistic home for the festival which was moved, and later became the disaster we now know it as.

You may have to be a big fish to land a private island but this particular island will garner the attention of the social media world that was fascinated with the spectacle that was Fyre Fest. The eventual purchaser will certainly have a great story to tell in the future with any guest they may have on their private shores.

Check out the listing here: https://www.hgchristie.com/eng/sales/detail/529-l-82278-f1603081131702908/saddle-back-cay-ex

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